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If you want to make your website available on the World Wide Web, then you will need to buy the service of web hosting. You need to have your website registered on a server, which works fast and is always updated so that when people attempt to access your website, they do not face any problem. If you want web hosting services in Saudi Arabia, remember that Solutions 818 is the choice for you. These services allow you to store the data related to your website on the server. While it may sound easy to you since you may just need to find the place where you can host your website, it is more complicated than that because you need to choose the server most effectively. In that case, you need to remember that we are there for you and we provide the extra services that come with web hosting and taking the burden off you.


Thinking of everyone to be our prosperous client we have divided web hosting in to 3 categories as:

Offer Price
900 S.R
Single Domain
10 Mail Boxes
1 Database
1GB - Unlimited Bandwidth
PHP & Joomla Supported
Small Business
Offer Price
1500 S.R
Single Domain
50 Mail Boxes
3 Database
2GB - Unlimited Bandwidth
PHP & Joomla Supported
Offer Price
2500 S.R
Upto 3 Domains
Unlimited Mail Boxes
Unlimited Database
5GB - Unlimited Bandwidth
PHP & Joomla Supported

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