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for an Assets Valuation Company
Assets Valuation System

This is an application which is pretty much a complete comprehensive ERP type product covering a complete cycle of how an online client requesting for an asset valuation is dealt. Starting off from the point when a request is received by a certain coordinator, it assignment to a field engineer, having received the valuation results online in the system, having them approved from the Top Manager and eventually sending them to the customer all is done online on clicks only without involving a single piece of paper.

The process does not end but continues further to an extent whereby client is invoiced online for the completed valuation. The online valuation system is capable of:

  • Managing Online Clients
  • Managing Valuation Types
  • Manage Valuation Coordinators & Engineers
  • Manage Valuation Forms
  • Set Customized Report Formats
  • Manage Employees Assignment
  • Web Access
  • Developed in .Net
  • MS SQL 2008 Used at the backend as storage database

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